Fantastic day and fantastic end of day workout

I am on cloud nine! Or cloud herbalife + workout maybe 🙂 I just got done doing a quick workout at 24 hour fitness and then came home and did day 2 of the ab challenge hubby and I are doing together.


Speaking of hubby, he had today off and he re-organized our kitchen to make a little nook for all my herbalife needs. I cannot say how much it meant to me that he is so supportive of what I am doing and showing me in such a tangible way.


Also here is a picture of our ab challenge, here is a link if you want to get a version you can post in your house. It is hanging in our living room so we can clearly see it each night and we have to do it before we settle into a show to watch.

I ran 2.5 miles, which is .5-1 mile longer than I ran on Friday and I know I ran faster. I felt amazing really. I would have thought it was morning instead of the end of my day. I am LOVING the way that herbalife is making my body feel. I still haven’t had any coffee or energy drinks since last Friday when I started it and their tea is seriously curbing any cravings for it. It is amazing. I am basically a walking advertisement right now so if you have any questions about how it works let me know. I can’t seem to shut up about it. Just think what will happen when I am hitting all my goals in a few months? I will have to duct tape my mouth shut to strangers, haha. Ok off to drink some more water, get clothes and diaper bag ready for tomorrow, take my pm cleanse pill and head to bed.

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